Me and other passengers

book prototype 14x20cm and installation with photos by Marko Krojač and sound examples from ”Guided Imagery and Music” by Helen Bonny (years 1973-2002), variable size

Elektrika Gallery Pančevo, 2008

photo © Marko Krojač

Helen Lindquist Bonny is a music therapist who developed “Guided Imagery and Music”. Music therapist Kenneth Bruscia uses the following definition to describe Guided Imagery and Music: “(GIM) refers to all forms of music-imaging in an expanded state of consciousness, including not only the specific individual and group forms that Bonny developed, but also all variations and modifications in those forms created by her followers.”
This work consists of collecting photo material with everyday scenes of passengers in public transportation on Pančevo-Belgrade line and making of the photo book prototype Music Selections and Annotations with texts from 1973 to 2002 from ”Guided Imagery and Music” by Helen Bonny which contains examples of music pieces and their effects in music therapy. Prototype for the book was produced as an imaginary guide with suggested tracks for listening during the trip on the mentioned line. 

Project kindly suported by Municipality of Pančevo