The Book of Dreams

book 18x24cm; digital print on canvas 4x2m; light installation variable size

installation view Elektrika Gallery, Pančevo 2008

photo © Marko Krojač

3 elements of the installation

1. The making of The Book of Dreams by interviewing people of New York City and by their writing of the statement “I had a dream” in their native tongues. 
What brought all those people there and what happened to their dreams in the process? I had a dream and it came true, I had a dream and I am still dreaming, I had a dream and it has changed, I had a dream and it’s gone? There is a multitude of faces, cultures and traditions and everybody have~had dreams … about things tangible and intangible, about creative energy and its power at work or its extinguishing and disappearance … When we woke up, in which dream were we then?

2. The print, the drawing of a subjective vision of the sight of Manhattan from the horse’s back (from the time before colonization?) made of copies of hand-written words of today’s New York City inhabitants who are saying ‘I had a dream’ in their native languages.

3. Dreamachine a stroboscopic flicker device that produces visual stimuli. Created by Artist Brion Gysin and scientist Ian Sommerville after reading William Grey Walter’s book, The Living Brain.