Which world do you live in?

book, installation, variable size

Universal Cube Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig 2010 | Parkingalery Teheran at Platforms Project of Art-Athina Athens and New Media Society Teheran 2016

photo: Marko Krojač

I have erased from the world map those countries that a person with a certain passport cannot travel to without a visa. I have repeated this for several different citizenships. The results are mangled worlds that look alien, but represent the realities of many people that many other have no idea about.

I printed these processed world maps on transparent film. Each world map refers to one country’s passport holder, and has been printed on one transparent sheet. From this I’ve made a black-and-transparent book.

To apply for a visa means a lot of bureaucratic peripeteia, time, money, waiting, uncertainty and even humiliation, and there is no guarantee that one will even get it. To travel without a visa means risking ones “freedom” or even life.

This work deals with impacts of constructions such as nationality and citizenship, which impose diverse and limited designated areas of physical presence; geo-grafía is politically and economically cut down, )out(-(in)-lining contemporary notion of freedom and human body.